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You're Invited to Defiant Joy!

You're Invited to Defiant Joy!

Are you ready to get your JOY back? Life will put you to the test. It can be difficult and unexpected, heartbreaking and hope-challenging. But JOY is a fighter. And so are you… I believe it in my bones!

And so I’m super excited to announce that for all the ladies out there fighting for their JOY every day, my Defiant Joy Online Bible Study is coming back – this time with my friend and host, MANDISA!!!! Can you believe it? I’m going on tour with Mandisa this fall as part of Girls’ Night Live (I’m still pinching myself about this), and before the tour starts Mandisa is hosting the OBS and six weekly community live chats over on her YouTube channel. You don’t have to do this alone! Join me and Mandisa and go through the study with an awesome community of women!

Register today to get started on your joy journey! While you’re at it grab a few friends and have them join us, too!

Here’s Mandisa to tell you more…

The study starts August 13th and you’ll get FREE access to 6 teaching videos from Defiant Joy (thanks StudyGateway!) when you sign up, plus a FREE eBook, JOY printables, one of my favorite recipes (I’m talking tacos y’all 🌮) and more!

Are you ready?

You’re going to learn to embrace freedom and experience Defiant Joy like never before!

Here’s a video with even more information:

Sessions of the Defiant Joy study include:

  • Laugh It Up, Live It Out
  • Know Hope, Know Joy
  • Joy Is a Fighter
  • Joy Is Not Arrogant, But She Is Confident
  • Joy Embraces Sorrow
  • You’re Full of It

Don’t miss out on this Online Bible Study! Sign up today to claim your freebies and get started with us right away!

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Your Turn

Are you with us in saying YES to more joy? Won’t you join Mandisa and us and register today? Come share with us who you are inviting!