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You're Invited to Play With Fire!

You're Invited to Play With Fire!

Ok, friends, you have no idea how excited our OBS team and I are to finally be able to announce our Fall Online Bible Study!

One of my favorite pint-sized preachers, Bianca Olthoff, a powerful Gospel teacher, world-changer, and freedom fighter, is joining us at Faith.Full and FaithGateway to share a five-week study called Play With Fire.

The fire that destroys is the same fire that transforms. It’s not about our circumstances, but simply what we’re made of. — Bianca

What’s Play With Fire about? It’s about being refined by the fires that God alights in our lives to refine away the things that get in the way of what He has planned for us just like He did for the Israelites in the Old Testament and the disciples in the New Testament. It’s about learning to cry out to God in the midst of those hard times, surrendering when we’d rather grasp onto control, leaning on God’s promises, meshing ourselves into the family of faith, and hearing the voice of the Holy Spirit and following His lead.

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Play with Fire Printables

I devoured Play With Fire as soon as I got it in my hot little hands and I just started watching the videos and can’t wait to dig in to the study. This is a deep dive into the Bible, so get your pen and highlighters ready. We’ll study some Hebrew history (Don’t worry — we can do this!) and it even includes Extra Credit (I’m not kidding) for all of us Bible Study nerds! (And all the front-rowers say, “Amen!)

The first time I heard Bianca preach, she blew me away. I thought four things (once I caught my breath):

  1. Someone better call the Fire Department because this woman is EN FUEGO! She is filled with the Holy Spirit and I’m pretty sure the pulpit is about to spontaneously combust!
  2. Oh, Lord, yes — I want more!
  3. Except for a few of us, this isn’t exactly a “talk back to the preacher” church, but oh well — “Come on, girl!” “Preach it!” “That’s right!”
  4. How can we become friends?

Watch this Video with Bianca to Hear About the Study

* * *

If you’ve never met Bianca, a) you’re going to love her and b) get ready for some spicy, solid Bible-teaching, Mexirican fun! Bianca is a blast. She loves Scripture, she is a phenomenal expositor of the Word, and she’s a hoot and a half. She is the Chief Storyteller for A21 which fights human trafficking. Bianca travels the world speaking and teaching with her husband Matt and also loves having a happy home with her step-kids Parker and Ryen.

If you’re being refined in the fire right now, come join us. We want to walk alongside you as sisters and brothers who’ve been there before and discovered God’s goodness and a deeper faith. If you’re ready to be unleashed from the ashes surrounding you, come join us. We would love to help you dust off and walk into renewal. If you’re longing to be a counter-cultural, on-fire Christian, join us. We’re going to get into God’s Word and be transformed!

Play With Fire OBS starts in just a couple of weeks, so don’t waste a minute. Go register right here, and download all the free goodies so you can get going. We are going to have such a great time together!

Your Turn

Now that your fire is stoked, join the conversation on our blog and let us know you’ll be with us! And get your friends together and invite them, too!