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You're Invited to The 28-Day Prayer Journey Online Bible Study

You're Invited to The 28-Day Prayer Journey Online Bible Study

Your Father knows what you need before you ask Him. — Matthew 6:8

Have you ever felt that Heaven has shut the door on you? Have you ever thought, God I really need Your help, but it feels like my prayers are weak and small. I don’t think You can hear me. My prayers just hit the ceiling and fall down on the floor.

Or maybe you try to pray but ended up feeling… distracted. Your mind zigs and zags and before you know it you’re thinking... what’s for lunch?

Maybe you’ve prayed and nothing happened. Maybe you desperately need the Lord’s help but prayer seems to change nothing, and you’re starting to have your doubts.

Or maybe you’ve prayed for many years and you know that God has moved on your behalf before, but He isn’t now and you’re left wondering why. You were full of faith and you want that vibrancy back.

If you are longing for a more intentional, consistent, and fervent prayer life, I invite you to join us for the five-week online Bible study The 28-Day Prayer Journey with the most wonderful teacher, Chrystal Evans Hurst!

Personally, I’ve felt stuck praying over and over the same things and I have felt myself getting discouraged… like my prayers are toothless, wimpy, and maybe a bit hollow.

  • I need a little oomph! and some pow! in my prayer life to keep going, keep praising, keep asking.

Never more in our lives have we needed to be deep in connection with Jesus, fully reliant upon God, and in worship mode throughout our days! Start here with us in The 28-Day Prayer Journey Online Bible Study!

I am so excited about this study for the new year! Number one, I love Chrystal Evans Hurst. Two, I want to develop a regular rhythm of prayer (new habits take practice!). And three, I can’t wait to see what God does when His people commit to praying on a new level!

We are His temple. Holy Spirit, we invite You to inspire our prayers, fill us afresh, give us a new language for prayer, and bring us into Your presence daily.

World-wide, this has been a long season of increased worries, stresses, troubles, and crises — the church is waking up and rising to pray big prayers!

It’s our time to pray! Chrystal will teach us to:

  • Practice being in the Presence of God and learn to listen for His Voice.
  • Learn what to pray and how (it’s simple and amazingly doable).
  • Build a better habit of prayer and develop regular rhythms that aren’t just a check off the to-do list!
  • Practice the four postures of prayer called out in Scripture with the acronym P.R.A.Y. — thanksgiving & praise (P), repentance (R), requesting/asking (A), yielding (Y).
  • And more!

Prayer changes everything!

Do you know Chrystal? If not, you are in for a treat! Chrystal is a Jesus girl, a wife to Jessie, mom to five, homeschoolin’, Bible-slingin’ teacher and singer. She is like the sister or friend you’ve always needed to encourage you and challenge you… the one who is still honest and real about her own struggles. You’re going to love her!

This study is for everyone. Full stop. We need this, folks. Nothing’s more important than talking with God every day, about everything, everywhere, in every situation, on every topic, for everyone!

Are you ready to awaken your prayer life? Come join the study with us!

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P.S. As always, there will be goodies! When you sign up receive for FREE:

-FREE ACCESS to five teaching videos with Chrystal.

-FREE DOWNLOAD: First chapters of The 28-Day Prayer Journey book and session one study guide.

-FREE DOWNLOADS: Personal Prayer Challenge Chart to keep yourself accountable + Personal Prayer Journaling Pages!

-FREE DOWNLOAD: Psalm 55:22 Scripture Printable

-FREE ACCESS to the Online Bible Study community

(I would sign up for the prayer challenge charts and journaling pages alone… they’re such great tools to use over and over again to reinvigorate your prayer life!).