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You’re Invited to the Anxious for Nothing Study

You’re Invited to the Anxious for Nothing Study

Have friends ever called you a Worry Wart? Do you feel like you stress and fret too much over things that are outside of your control, or have fears about the future? Could you use a little more peace in your life? Then you don’t want to miss our Summer Online Bible Study (OBS), because it is about a topic every single one of us battles at some time: worry, fear, anxiety, and uncertainty. Yep, those are the big dogs that keep us up at night, aren’t they? That’s why I’m so excited to invite you to join us for Anxious for Nothing OBS with our dear friend and America’s Pastor, Max Lucado.

Anxiety is a monster enemy.

It will steal your joy, rob your sleep, gray your hair, weigh down your shoulders, stifle your praise, and diminish your hope. It’s a thief and a liar. It whispers panic-inducing what if’s, induces analysis paralysis, and catastrophizes the future. Anxiety is the nemesis of peace. The challenger for the throne of our hearts.

Worry, for me, is like a wet, tired, and hungry toddler with a sawed-off shotgun. DANGEROUS.

I worry about:

Managing excellence at work while also being a godly, present, and loving mother to my kids
My children all coming to sincere and devout faith in Jesus
My daughter getting serious again about the wrong guy
My son who’s living a very worldly life
My son who’s going into the Navy
My two 12-year-olds in a disgusting school culture of sexual activity

A friend reminded me today: Give this to God! Give this to God. Give this to God.

I woke up in the middle of the night a few days ago because of my overly-snuggly cat but it was actually worry that pounced on me. To the point of shaking. I spoke out loud to the enemy, “NO! You don’t get to steal my sleep again!” and sang that old Whitney Houston song, “I love the Lord. He heard my cry. And pitied every groan. Long as I live and troubles rise, I’ll hasten to His throne.” And prayed and prayed.

And slept.

Take THAT, worry!

Have you had enough of stressing out and worrying, too?

We can’t let anxiety win when Jesus Himself came to bring us peace!

The armor of God even includes shoes the peace (in Ephesians 6:15) which means we’re not supposed to walk in stress, or tension, or fear, or the what if’s. We’re meant to walk out of the prison of anxiety and live our best, Jesus-like lives walking in peace.

Won’t you join us as we put anxiety in its proper place and find more peace and calm in our daily lives through the Word of God?

Let’s make this the first item on our summer bucket lists: declare summer 2019 to be your fearless summer.

This study is for you if:

• You’re weighed down with worry, or rattled and shaken with anxiety
• Your peace and your joy are flagging
• You want to know what the Bible says about stress, fear, and uncertainty
• You struggle with faith in the middle of tense times
• You’re a Max Lucado fan!

And, if you’ve already ready the book, this is the perfect time to dive deeper with the study and companion video teaching series!

This study is loaded up with Scripture and Biblical truths that will change your life, so buckle up and prepare to tackle some of the worries that have prevailed for too long! A life of calm in Jesus Christ is yours to be had!

Did I mention the freebies? When you sign up you’ll receive immediately these free downloads:

– 12 Prayers for When You Feel Anxious
– Max’s C.A.L.M. Guide Sheet
– A beautiful printable of Philippians 4:6-7
– And, of course, you’ll get FREE access to all five video sessions!
Plus, because summers are busy and vacations can interrupt schedules, all five sessions will be available with no expiration in case you miss a week! This is great for groups to know too!

This is a good one, folks! Jesus never intended us to be weighed down with anxiety. He came to give us peace! Let’s go get it! Sign up today!

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We want you with us for this OBS! And don’t forget, your access to all five video sessions is FREE!