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You’re Invited to the Get Out of Your Head OBS

You’re Invited to the Get Out of Your Head OBS

To live is Christ… — Philippians 1:21

Getting out of our own heads begins with understanding our position in Christ. We are His, and we live that out as a matter of fact. ~ Jennie Allen

We’ve been stuck in our homes… stuck in circumstances out of our control. Stuck with maybe a little too much togetherness with family, or too much isolation and loneliness. Stuck not knowing when it will end. Stuck in discouragement. Stuck with too much time in our own brains.

I used to joke that my mind, especially in the middle of the night, was a bad and dangerous neighborhood. But it really was true.

I’d lay in bed, stuck on a spinning wheel of overwhelm and discouragement: worrying about the future, catastrophizing what-ifs, fearing for the people I love, replaying critical remarks that stung, comparing myself unfavorably to another woman’s appearance or marriage or family, mentally reviewing an impossible To-Do list. Feeling anxious, stomach-twisty, afraid, and defeated.

Does that sound familiar?

Then I can’t wait to tell you about our Summer Online Bible Study — Get Out of Your Head: A Study in Philippians with Jennie Allen starting June 22nd! Are you ready for a new mindset? Are you ready for victory over your thinking?

I remember a friend telling me one time, “Just don’t listen to those thoughts” and it ticked me off! I responded with a sarcastic, “Ok, you betcha, thumbs up, I’ll get right on that” bad attitude because I truly thought I couldn’t control my own thinking. But the Word of God says otherwise! Looking back, those years were so wasted. And, when I get sucked back into a pessimistic and discouraging vortex, that’s a life-waster, too!

Friends, if you get stuck circling negative thoughts, going down a shame spiral, rewinding and replaying toxic self-doubt and fear, shackled to limitations, trapped in victim mentality and impossibility, you will love studying Paul’s letter to the Philippians. It’s a game-changer!

You are not helpless against your thoughts. God give us tools. And together we’re going to learn how to break spirals and see what God can do with a mind that is completely and wholly focused on Him. ~ Jennie

Six sessions. Six teachings. Six weeks of study and digging into Scripture to learn how to be strong in our minds and in our hearts. Remember the truth. Live by the Word of God instead of fear, anxiety, negative self-talk… because God is doing more than we can see!

Paul’s life had more purpose than he ever could have imagined. So do ours! Our circumstances are not the issue — those are always redeemable by our infinitely creative Lord, our mindset is! Let’s fix our eyes on Jesus (Hebrews 12:2)!

We have good works to do, friends! We can’t carry burdens of lies and worries and walk in the freedom Christ came to give us. Toxic thinking isn’t the place of joy… Jesus is!

I hope you join us for Get Out of Your Head: A Study in Philippians! Grab a friend or two, or register on your own and go through the study with our online community. We’ll be here for you from beginning to end!

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