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You’re Invited to the In the Middle of the Mess OBS

You’re Invited to the In the Middle of the Mess OBS

I believe that I shall look upon the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living! Wait for the Lord; be strong, and let your heart take courage; wait for the Lord! — Psalm 27:13-14 ESV

I discovered in my darkest moments that sometimes the most powerful prayer of all is just a single word: “Jesus!” ~ Sheila

Your mess is not too big for God.

It feels like it is sometimes, doesn’t it? Like the things we’ve done, or what’s been done to us, or the trouble we’re in, or the war that’s being waged on our hearts or minds is just too tangled, too wrecked, too broken to ever be healed. And, that can lead down the dark alley of despair. I’ve been there. Maybe you have, too.

Despair isn’t exactly a word that gets frequently bandied around with churchy people, right?

I don’t know what it is about our Christian culture. We should be able to be fully real within the circle of faith, but so often we’re not. We’re afraid of the truth, or worried we’ll be seen as weak, or we’re just trying with everything we’ve got to hold all the pieces together when we’re falling apart. The automatic answer to, “How are you?” is a quick “I’m fine and how are you?” instead of the honest truth.

Sheila Walsh is one of my favorite people on the planet because she breaks down that constricting vice of falseness and welcomes us with her own vulnerability to say, ” She’s been there and in her newest book and Bible study, In the Middle of the Mess, she shares candidly about her struggles and the hope she has and rescue she’s found in Jesus Christ.

It’s ok not to be ok. ~ Sheila

This is for us. The ones with brokenness we’ve not shared with others. The ones who are still battling old demons and who want freedom and hope. The ones who need help. And, the ones who want to be able to help others. This is the place where you can know that you’ll be loved no matter what you’re in the middle of.

In the Middle of the Mess Online Bible study is for you if:

  • You’re in the middle of a hard situation and you need more of Jesus
  • You’ve had a hard time feeling fully accepted and loved
  • You want to break free from discouragement into a new season of joy and hope
  • You struggle with depression
  • You want to know the Lord in a deeper way no matter what your circumstances are
  • You want to learn how to be a friend to those who are in the middle of a mess

Here’s the thing about Sheila: rarely can we find a friend as lovely, and sisterly, and life-giving in the middle of troubles as she is. She doesn’t back away from the hard stuff and she shares a path to recovery and hope that will encourage and strengthen your heart as it does mine.

Whatever baggage we are carrying, whatever pain we’ve stuffed deep deep down inside, whatever darkness we’ve harbored can be overcome by the light of Christ. ~ Sheila

The In the Middle of the Mess OBS starts June 4th and continues for six Bible-brimmed weeks, so register today. Don’t miss out on all the free goodies you can download to get going. I can’t wait for us to join hands and walk through this study together.

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