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You’re Invited to the Jesus In Me Online Bible Study

You’re Invited to the Jesus In Me Online Bible Study

But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be My witness… —Acts 1:8

One thing I know for certain: The Holy Spirit is not an optional extra in my Christian life. He is a divine necessity. ~ Anne Graham Lotz

Throughout the pandemic, social media has been filled with people spending more time at home learning and doing very cool things — baking sourdough bread from scratch (mine turned out like a desert rock but tastier), playing instruments from rooftops, dancing hip hop (some publishing to Tik Tok), gardening, sewing, quilting, painting, new puppy training, and all manner of sportsing. It’s amazing what a little boredom does for creativity!

As we approach this Easter season, let’s do something supremely cool… Let’s ask Jesus Christ without skin, the Holy Spirit at work within us, to speak to us in a new and powerful way! Let’s listen to the whispers of the God through reading the Word, waiting for Him to touch our hearts, and experience Him afresh! I promise it won’t be boring!

I invite you to join us for the eight-week Jesus In Me OBS starting March 1st with one of our favorite Bible teachers, Anne Graham Lotz.

Don’t you wish you were there in person for Pentecost when Jesus’ followers were introduced to the Person of the Holy Spirit? (Acts 2) I mean, come ON! The sound of a violent wind, tongues of fire alighting on their heads, speaking in other languages? I am so in!

Sometimes, the Holy Spirit pours out like a raging waterfall. And, sometimes He whispers. But, He is always with believers in Jesus. He’s our Counselor, Friend, Teacher, Advocate, Source of wisdom, power of Almighty God within us!

Wouldn’t it be amazing to commit ourselves to leaning into His presence this season? I want to hear Him better, know Him more, worship Him with a fuller heart, dig into the Word and ask Him to speak to me through it, feel His hand of guidance on my life more, and pray with more fervor.

My prayer for you as we go through this study is that God Himself will draw near to you and you will experience the constant companionship of the Holy Spirit in a fresh new way. ~ Anne

May your heart and mind be softened to the Person of the Holy Spirit so that he can “Teach you and remind you of everything Jesus said.” — John 14:26

Through eight sessions, we will become confident in knowing who the Holy Spirit is and the important role He plays in your life. We will learn:

  • We can have a relationship with this living, thinking, feeling Person, who is our comforter, counselor, friend.
  • We can enjoy his constant Presence, inside us, filling us.
  • We can receive and experience his Power.
  • We can live a life of Purpose, directed by his guidance.
  • We can understand the Precepts in the Bible by hearing directly from the One who breathed it.
  • We will be convicted of our sin by his Purity.

Do you long for faith that really works? Then fully embrace the Holy Spirit with absolute, total, unreserved trust, and begin experiencing His constant presence… on the inside. ~ Anne

I need more of Him. And, you do, too! Let’s lean in for more!

Jesus promised that “He will guide you into all truth.” So, ask Him to guide your focus until it’s laser-like in steadfast resolution to bring God glory in all you say and do. Then relax. Regardless of whatever life may bring your way, embrace the Spirit’s purpose. ~ Anne

Come join the study with us!

P.S. As always, there will be goodies! When you sign up receive for FREE:

  • FREE ACCESS to Anne’s eight Jesus in Me teaching videos, releasing week-by-week, no additional registration required!
  • FREE DOWNLOAD: session one of Jesus In Me study guide.
  • FREE ACCESS to the online community
  • FREE printables to enhance your experience: 7 P’s of the Holy Spirit Guide, John 15:4 Stained Glass Coloring Page, Holy Spirit Prayer + Scripture Cards

Your Turn

Are you in? Come grab a friend or two and join us! Sign up now!