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You’re Invited to the One Thousand Gifts Online Bible Study

You’re Invited to the One Thousand Gifts Online Bible Study

Enter His gates with thanksgiving and His courts with praise; Give thanks to Him and praise His name. — Psalm 100:4

“Giving thanks for what is, creates an appetite for more—not for more things, but for seeking more of God.” ~ Ann Voskamp, One Thousand Gifts

God is always good, and I am always loved.

Friends, we’re entering a season that requires our whole-hearted attention, our riveted focus. This is important. For our souls. For our hearts. For our faith. So we don’t miss out on the beauty God intends for us. Right here. Right now.

I can’t think of a better study for us to embark on as we enter the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons than Ann Voskamp’s One Thousand Gifts. This is a clarion call to thankfulness, a charge to find joy, and strength, and hope in our daily lives, a beckoning to pour out our gratitude to God for His goodness and for His wild love for us.

When I first read Ann’s beautiful book, One Thousand Gifts, it was like listening to a symphony of worship, while eating the finest cuisine of my life, while watching the sun set over the Pacific in all its indescribable glory. Ann’s poetic style coupled with her passion for the Savior moved me to awe and praise and I know it will for you, too.

Eucharisteo opens the eyes wider, the heart deeper. ~ Ann

Eucharisteo — thanksgiving — always precedes a miracle. ~ Ann

Do you remember when you first read One Thousand Gifts? The book is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. This life-transforming book spent 60 weeks on the New York Times bestseller list, has touched millions of lives and won many awards, has been translated into dozens of languages, and launched a movement inspiring people around the world to count 1,000 gifts of their own and experience eucharisteo – life-filling gratitude – the practice of which is exercised in recording blessings, one by one.

This one word changes everything: eucharisteo. It comes right out of the Gospel of Luke:

And Jesus took bread, gave thanks and broke it, and gave it to them … — Luke 22:19 NIV

In the original language, “He gave thanks” reads “eucharisteo.” ~ Ann

Eucharisteo means ‘to give thanks,’ and give is a verb, something that we do. God calls me to do thanks. To give the thanks away. That thanks-giving might literally become thanks-living. ~ Ann

And so, we invite you to experience One Thousand Gifts all over again (or maybe for the first time), to journey through the counting #1000gifts, and we’re partnering with Ann to bring you the exclusive community Online Bible Study with five teaching videos from Ann on her farm. You don’t want to miss this!

In this five-week study, we’re going to meet Ann’s dare to live fully right where we are. Worshipfully, awake, alive, and filled with hope and gratitude. I hope you will join us for the One Thousand Gifts OBS. We can’t think of another better study to go through together as we enter the holiday season! It’s going to be a life-changer!

I’m starting today. I am thankful that:

  1. God is always good.
  2. I am always loved.
  3. His call to gratitude is a call to untapped joy and celebration.

Won’t you join us?

This study is for you if:

  • Your heart is broken.
  • Your soul is asleep.
  • You want to find joy in the middle of your real life.
  • You want to live a life of gratitude to the God who loves you.
  • You loved One Thousand Gifts and want to experience the study for the first time in community with others.
  • You’re a Bible study nerd and want to dive deep into the Scriptures around thanksgiving and eucharisteo (Luke 22:19).
  • You’re an Ann fan!

P.S. As always, there will be GOODIES and FREEBIES that you will love! When you join, you’ll get FREE access to all five teaching videos, downloads of the first chapters of the book and study, gratitude printables, and access to community discussion groups!

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