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You’re Invited to The Rock, the Road, and the Rabbi OBS

You’re Invited to The Rock, the Road, and the Rabbi OBS

Your Word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path. — Psalm 119:105

The Old Testament was written in ancient Hebrew. The New Testament was written in ancient Greek. We have to understand what the Word of God actually says in order to understand how to apply it to our lives today in this modern world. ~ Kathie Lee

Your faith is about to get a whole lot deeper.

Friends, I can’t wait to invite you to one of our most intriguing and rich Online Bible Studies yet! We are going to be walking dusty and gorgeous roads in Israel with Kathie Lee Gifford as we learn completely new-to-us concepts about the Bible in The Rock, the Road, and the Rabbi.

The Rock is Jesus. The Road is the Holy Land. And, the Rabbi is the Word of God.

Kathie Lee is joined by a phenomenal rabbinical teacher, Rabbi Jason Sobel, a messianic Jewish teacher (that just means he’s a Jesus-believing Rabbi). Together, they break down misconceptions and reveal to us the real stories of our Christian history that will rock our worlds!

  • Did you learn that Jesus was born in a wooden stable?
  • Was Jesus a wood-worker?
  • Wait, there’s only one Messiah, right?
  • Did Jesus break the law?
  • Did Jesus fulfill every Old Testament prophecy about the Savior?

Open my eyes, that I may behold wondrous things out of Your law. — Psalm 119:18

This study is for you if:

  • You’re a brand-new believer or a long-time Christian
  • You want more intimacy in your relationship with God
  • You are fascinated about the Holy Land
  • You desire to know more about the Old Testament history that informs the New Testament
  • You’re a Kathie Lee fan!

Lessons include

Session One: Bethlehem — Where It All Began

Session Two: Nazareth — The Early Years

Session Three: Capernaum — Ministry Headquarters

Session Four: Galilee — Ministry Grounds

Session Five: Mount of Olives — The Triumphal Entry

Session Six: Jerusalem — Crucifixion and Resurrection

This study is different than any other we’ve ever done. It’s part history, part Israel tour, part Bible investigation, and part daily personal Bible study. How exciting is that?!

I hope you will join us for The Rock, the Road, and the Rabbi Online Bible Study. It is loaded up with holy history and holy Scripture so prepare to learn and grow in your understanding and relationship with the Word of God and Jesus Himself.

The Rock, the Road, and the Rabbi OBS starts April 20th and continues for six weeks, so grab your friends, family, and neighbors, and register today. There will be lots of free goodies from Kathie Lee. All you’ll need is the study guide, but I highly recommend the book and the DVD so you can watch the study cover-to-cover again and again. I can’t wait for us to learn so many new and exciting Bible truths in this study together.

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Your Turn

Are you joining us? You can go through this study with us as your Bible study group, or you can grab a few friends, co-workers, or family members and register with them, but either way sign up right here!