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You’re Invited to the Six Hours One Friday OBS

You’re Invited to the Six Hours One Friday OBS

Surely this man was the Son of God! — Mark 15:39

If it really happened… if God did commandeer His own crucifixion… if He did turn his back on His own Son… if He did storm Satan’s gate, then those six hours that Friday were packed with tragic triumph. If that was God on that Cross, then the hill called Skull is granite studded with stakes to which you can anchor. ~ Max Lucado

Easter is a season of beautiful things. New beginnings. Baby chicks. Tulips poking through the snow. Pretty eggs died a marbled purple, pink, and yellow, marshmallow bunnies, Easter hats and children in darling outfits, the sun shining, and spring springing.

But, you and I both know that life is not always so sunny, is it? It’s hard. There are seasons of pain and suffering. Sometimes, even when the sun is finally shining through, we can still be caught in a storm. Unexpected. Seemingly unrelenting. Waves of disappointment and loss. Failure. Collapse. Unhappiness.

What then?

What is a believer in Jesus to do in the face of waves of disappointment, harsh winds of futility, the deafening thud of failure?

Friends, I hope you will join us for a rich and deep Easter study with our friend, Max Lucado — Six Hours One Friday. We’re going to learn afresh that the victory Jesus claimed on the Cross is bigger than a life that feels hopeless. It’s weightier than our failings that have devastated us. It’s stronger than any grave.

Futility, failure, finality. You don’t have to face these monsters alone. ~ Max

Max plants these anchor points deep in our hearts:

My life is not futile.

My failures are not fatal.

My death is not final.

There are truths we can depend upon. Through our Savior our lives have meaning and purpose. We are loved far more than we could ever imagine and our future is secure. The sting of death got walloped on the Cross. It cannot win. On Easter, Jesus showed His power. He crushed death. He wiped our slates clean. Jesus planted our feet firmly in victory through Himself.

One Friday changed everything for those who believe.

Friends, this Easter let’s immerse ourselves in the might, and power, and victory of the Cross. The Six Hours One Friday OBS starts March 18th and continues for five weeks leading up to Easter. I hope you will register today… all you need is the book, which includes your study guide in it, and the four companion teaching videos with Max will be available for free (with no expiration — you can watch them anytime on FaithGateway or Facebook)! Will you join us? Gather your friends or Bible study group and learn more about the life, death, and resurrection of our King Jesus as we prepare to celebrate Easter!

“Anchor deep, say a prayer, and hold on.” And don’t be surprised if Someone walks across the water to give you a hand. ~ Max

No matter what we’re going through, let’s sink our anchors in deep. To our Rock Jesus.

This study is for:

  • Everyone!
  • You’re wondering if your life has purpose and meaning
  • You want to draw closer to Christ and dive into the history of the Easter story during the Lenten season
  • You love Max!

Register for the OBS today!

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Your Turn

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