I Can Read!

Introduce children to the wonderful world of reading on their own with I Can Read!

Widely recognized as the premier line of beginning readers, I Can Read! books are organized into color-coded levels. With hundreds of titles featuring award-winning authors and illustrators, and fan-favorite characters like Berenstairs Bears and VeggieTales, you can find books at every stage to engage and excite your child.

My First

Books at this level are meant to be read aloud with an adult, have short compelling stories, and are written with simple vocabulary. Basic language, word repetition, and whimsical illustrations are ideal for sharing with your emergent reader.

Level 1

This level is just right for readers who are beginning to sound out words and sentences. Books on this level are written with simple sentences using familiar words. The vocabulary is just challenging enough to stay interesting.

Level 2

Level 2 is for readers who are increasingly confident, but still need some help. Books at this level feature engaging stories, longer sentences, and language play for developing readers.