How Jesus Did It

I have a deep fascination with behind-the-scenes documentaries. I love seeing my favorite singers in concert and cheering on my favorite teams in the stands. But almost as exciting to ...

God’s Word in Your Real Life

Let’s be honest with each other. You’ve likely heard that spending time in God’s Word is vital to a flourishing relationship with God. And one hundred percent that is true. ...

Revealing God’s Love through Relationships

The salvation of your family, your workplace, and your city is not all on you. Jesus is the One who saves lives, who heals marriages, who sets people free from ...

Always Fly Solo (Not)

Have you ever resisted letting people in? Have you ever tried as best as you could to avoid engaging in community?Community is a difficult thing. Pastors preach on it well, ...

Saturday Morning Superheroes

As a little girl I would leap out of bed early on Saturday mornings to watch the latest episode of Batman. I would press up against the cold glass screen ...

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Your waiting is not wasted when waiting on the Lord!

Your waiting is not wasted when waiting on the Lord!

Join the free Christmas Bible Study with Pastor Louie Giglio and get access to 4 study videos with Pastor Louie, bonus Advent resources, and session 1 of the study guide. Let's prepare our hearts to greet December 25th with joy, peace, hope, and refreshed promise in our newborn King. Study starts 12/4!

Oh come, let us adore Him!

Oh come, let us adore Him!

Celebrate the season with our 25 Days to Christmas devotional! This FREE download includes some of the most beloved seasonal devotions from Jesus Calling, Jesus Always and the new book, Jesus Listens.