Ready for Anything: How to Prep for Anything Without Getting Overwhelmed

If you are anything like me, when you first heard about the concept of prepping, you became overwhelmed just thinking about it.You’ve seen the commercials, looked at the pamphlets, and ...

How to Make a 5-Minute Plan for Any Emergency

When is the worst time to decide what to do in an emergency?When the emergency hits.As someone who watches all kinds of “emergency” shows on TV — ER, Chicago Med, ...

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The Women of the Bible Speak Online Bible Study

The Women of the Bible Speak Online Bible Study

Discover how four women mentioned in Jesus' family tree--Tamar, Rehab, Ruth, & Mary-- changed the course of history in this special Advent study through The Women of the Bible Speak Workbook, based on the best-selling book by Shannon Bream! Sign up now to claim your spot and get a free bundle of Advent resources just for signing up! Study starts 11/28!