Entertainment for Christians: The Philippians Filter

The journey from your mind to your handsIs shorter than you’re thinkingBe careful if you think you standYou just might be sinkingWhat Kind of Counsel Does Our Entertainment Give Us?Philippians ...

How Could Jesus Be a Friend of Sinners?

I wrote a song called “Jesus, Friend of Sinners” for Casting Crowns’ album The Well. It showed my frustration with the wrong picture of Jesus we believers have given the ...

Dig Deep & Reach Out

A certain tree has become a source of inspiration to me.Somehow the tree keeps popping up in everything I do. I’ve spoken about it in concerts and to student groups.I ...

You Were Meant to Thrive

You were meant to do more than just survive. You were meant to thrive.You were not meant to struggle to make it through the week, the day, the next hour. ...

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Free Luke Bible Study!

Free Luke Bible Study!

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The parenting course you've been waiting for!

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