Things You Should Say If You Want a Good Face Punch

So you’re going through something crazy hard, and to make things even worse, the people around you are… well… bless their hearts. (I learned this one from my Southern friends, ...

How to Make Mom Friends & Free Conversation Starters

Trolling for MomsIf you could pick your ideal friends, whom would you choose? Would they be exactly like you or really different?I have a diverse group of friends, and I ...

Women Can Change the World

I love so many things about moms coming together, and in addition to the benefits to us as women and to our families, we also can move mountains, break chains, ...

Momlationships: The Ultimate Friends

Virginia Venit: “I thought we were going to be just friends.”Happy Gilmore: “What? Friends listen to ‘Endless Love’ in the dark.” From Happy GilmoreMy husband says I should call this ...

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Will you be remembered as a Jesus Follower?

Will you be remembered as a Jesus Follower?

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The parenting course you've been waiting for!

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