Don't Rob Me of My Blessing

The kids are out of school until April and I needed the essentials. Yes, even toilet paper. But one package — not 18. Walmart had closed aisles and pushy patrons. ...

The Upside: Purpose

One cool Saturday night in September 2015, my mama hung the next day’s church clothes on her closet door. She placed a cup of water on her nightstand next to ...

The Ultimate Gift

In my mother’s photo album, there’s a Polaroid picture of me from Christmas 1990. I’m wearing a plaid flannel gown with a red bow on the collar. My dishwater blonde ...

Eat the Mississippi Mud Cake

Every year, my mother made a Mississippi mud cake for my birthday. The recipe was her mother’s and it was unique to our family because she didn’t add marshmallows like ...

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Your waiting is not wasted when waiting on the Lord!

Your waiting is not wasted when waiting on the Lord!

Join the free Christmas Bible Study with Pastor Louie Giglio and get access to 4 study videos with Pastor Louie, bonus Advent resources, and session 1 of the study guide. Let's prepare our hearts to greet December 25th with joy, peace, hope, and refreshed promise in our newborn King. Study starts 12/4!

The parenting course you've been waiting for!

The parenting course you've been waiting for!

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