Hedge of Protection... Prayer Can Be a Funny Thing

As a man of faith who spends most of his time traveling to churches, I have become more and more attuned to the irreplaceable value of prayer in one’s life. ...

Tim Hawkins on Being Over Forty

Krispy KremesToday I turned forty. Yeah, I know, it’s hard to believe that a guy this hot could be a whole two score years old. More like too sore. Or ...

Tim Hawkins: Yoga Pants

Editor’s Note: Enjoy this personal message from Tim Hawkins straight to us! This may be the most amazing song I have ever written, or it may not be. Let the ...

Christian Cuss Words

There are not many things I regret, except that I sometimes have so little to regret.This sort of regret is almost exclusively reserved for Christian kids who grew up in ...

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Will you be remembered as a Jesus Follower?

Will you be remembered as a Jesus Follower?

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The parenting course you've been waiting for!

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