Finding God in the Quiet

Because we’ll be here in Thailand for a solid two months during our trip around the world, I can meet with Nora, my new spiritual director, at least six times. ...

Let Go of Comparison

One of the best things about the Internet is the exposure to many ways of living life. With a few taps of our fingers, we’re connected to parenting methods in ...

A Slower, More Intentional Family

I distinctly remember the moment, watching snow flurries fall against a red-brick backdrop out of a coffee-shop window in Oregon, I realized that unless our family made more intentional, proactive ...

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Free Easter Bible Study!

Free Easter Bible Study!

You're invited to walk where Jesus walked! Join the In the Footsteps of the Savior online Bible study in the weeks leading up to Easter with best-selling author Max Lucado and get access to 6 study videos & other free bonuses to help you along the journey! The Holy Land is waiting for you... Study starts 3/6!